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Our astaxanthin is being produced in our facility at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil under the most stringent and controlled condition within a closed photo-bioreactor system, where you can witness the cultivation and bio-processing of the first Haematococcus pluvialis plant in South East Asia.


source : J. Algal Biomass Utln. 2014

Eye Health

4 mg Astaxanthin per day are able to reduces cataract formation and reduces the area of destructive new blood vessel growth on retinas

Cardiovascular Health

Astaxanthin boosts our beneficial HDL-cholesterol. It reduces measures of oxidative stress and inflammation and provide vascular benefits

Organ Anti-Aging

Astaxanthin has the ability to protect against lipid-membrane peroxidation of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

Central Nervous System

Astaxanthin cross the blood brain barrier and can extend its antioxidant benefits beyond that barrier allowing it to saturate and protect brain tissue. It slows down brain aging, lower the risks such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, etc

Immune System

Astaxanthin improve our immunological defense. It helps to suppress the overactive immune responses that create needless inflammation. It has beneficial actions on the over-activated immune system in patients with allergies and asthma.


Regular consumption of Astaxanthin shows that  increased the sperm linear velocity and decreased reactive oxygen species and Inhibin B. There is also improvements in hormone levels and decline in dihydrotestosterone

Astaxanthin for Your Health and Beauty

✓ 800 times stronger than Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
✓ 75 times stronger than Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
✓ 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C
✓ 550 – 1000 times more powerful than vitamin E
✓ 560 times stronger than EGCG (Green Tea)
✓ 40 times stronger than Beta Carotene
✓ 17 times more potent than grape seed
✓ 100 times more potent than α-tocopherol

Functional food
& Astaxanthin:

✓ Protect against DNA damage and UV light effects
✓ Scavenge skin-damaging free radicals
✓ Slows the development of diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease) & diabetic retinopathy
✓ Slows down progressive destruction of pancreatic beta-cells in db/db mice-a well-known obese model of type 2 diabetes.
✓ Prevent colitis and inflammation-associated colon cancer in humans
✓ Enhances in vitro antibody production to red blood cells

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