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March 28, 2017by algaetech0

Health Lane Family Pharmacy Jinjang Road Show

Health Lane Family Pharmacy Jinjang Road Show

For your kind informatioan we will be at Health Lane Jinjang focusing on promote our product there. PREMIA Asta Plus Ex is one of the products of  ALGAETECH INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD under the PREMIA brand. It has be known to be effective against RADICAL cells which is the major reason for instant aging process, thus it is a powerful ANTI-AGING product.

About Astaxanthin

This product known to be 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C , 550 times stronger than GreenTea and 800 times stronger than CD-Q10. Our Astaxanthin is the derived from a unique strain of microalgae called haematococcus pluvialis, cultivated under the AIMSys Unique closed system, which allows the regulation of basic component for the algae growth optimization. Thus, we will sell and promote our product to be sell in their pharmacy.

Health Lane Family Pharmacy – Health Lane Jinjang

Address :3419, Jalan Theatre,Jinjang Utara,52000 Kuala Lumpur.

Road Show Date : 7-8 July (Saturday and Sunday)

Phone no : 03-6731 1092
Fax : 03-6257 1399